Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Media vs. Method

Our discussion about media and method and their influence on learning has been very interesting.  I was in the pro-method group and although I definitely believe that media has an influence upon learning, I think designers, especially new designers have a tendency to focus too much on media at the expense of being thoughtful about method/pedagogy.  Andy Gibbons describes this as "media-centrism" where designers place great emphasis on a particular medium but aren't very intentional about method or strategy.  Gibbons suggests that media should be viewed as plastic and invisible channels for learning.  I'm not exactly sure what side of the fence I fall on in all of this, but I do think that as designers we need to be careful to not get overly wrapped up in new, fancy media and forget about basic learning methodologies.   If the media support those principles of learning, all the better.  But, brand new media, employed badly will never lead to good learning.

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