Monday, September 8, 2008

Reflection from Class (Sept 8)

Today in class we discussed the concept of web 2.0 which I was a little fuzzy on. So, the discussion was very helpful for me. I found that hearing about all of the different examples of web 2.0 applications was the most helpful thing for me. Web 2.0 refers to internet resources that are moderated by users. In other words, individual users can go in and add, edit, delete, etc. Examples include things like blogs, wikis, social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, You Tube, etc.). In essence I feel like Web 2.0 has provided enhanced learning opportunities because of the opportunities for users to really engage with the content posted on various sites, as opposed to being a passive participant by just reading and/or watching.

We also talked a bit about the difference between PLE's and LMS's. I am excited about the opportunity to have a Personal Learning Environment (my brand new blog) because it will give me an opportunity to moderate my own learning and also share that learning with others. It will also be interesting to have a record of my reflections and musings because I think that I will be able to see my own personal development as a designer over time. It will also be a great resource in terms of articles, video clips, etc because it can be a repository of the interesting things that I have read and seen--almost like a personal library.

As far as RSS feeds go, I am intrigued by the concept, but not really sold on any particular feed right now. Hopefully as I gain a little more experience and read a little more I will find some questions/issues that I am particularly interested in and can find feeds pertaining to those areas so that I can stay abreast of developments & innovations.

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