Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sept 8: Grad Student Productivity

Part 1 (PLE's)
Internet Research: Find the best article or video resource that you can that answers the questions:
-What is a personal learning environment (PLE)?
-What elements make up a PLE?
-How is a PLE different from a Learning Managment System?
-What are some examples of PLEs?

There is a video clip (really, a souped up slide show) at that does an excellent job of answering these questions. The presenter may be a bit biased, but the information here is very clear and easy to understand. Another one that is decent but not quite as good is

Part 2 (RSS Feeds)
Internet Research: Find answers to the following questions:
-What is an RSS feed?
An RSS feed seems to be a way of staying informed about particular topics or keeping track of changes that occur at sites that a person might visit frequently. For instance, if I wanted to keep up with my brother's blog I could add that particular site to my RSS feed and it would notify me when he posted new pictures or published new entries.

-Find 2-3 RSS feeds related to Instructional Technology that you would like to follow throughout the semester.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Journal of the Learning Sciences
Cognition and Instruction

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