Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Professional Journal Reports--Part 2

TechTrends:  Linking research and practice to improve learning
  • Association of Educational Communication & Technology
  • Is designed for practitioners--How to apply instructional technology principles
  • Short articles (more like a Trade Magazine than a research journal)
New Directions for Evaluation
  • Published by AEA (American Evaluation Association)
  • Available in HBLL
  • Focuses on Technology rather than Science (Technology is not an applied science--they are two different fields and ask different questions--like Gibbons argument)
Open Learning:  The journal of open and distance learning
  • What is the "Open University"?
  • Contains both scholarly (research) and practical (case studies, etc.) articles
  • "Predicting Success among Distance Learners"
Is this a different group than those that would not be successful in a traditional setting?

American Journal of Evaluation
  • Mostly practical articles, often aimed at new evaluators
  • Preparing students in graduate programs to make a meaningful contribution to the field
Computer Assisted Language Learning
  • Very broad sampling of topics & articles
  • Can be hard to navigate because of the wide variety of topics addressed
Educause Review
  • Richard Light--Learning happens when the learner participates in the process (group learning)
  • Decameron Web Project
  • Bug Scope Project (students send bug to U. of Illinois and then can login to a site and view real time miscrope images of the bug they sent in to the lab

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