Monday, November 10, 2008

Professional Journal Reports

Educational Media International:  
What is e-learning?

Journal of Distance Learning Administration:  

The International Journal for Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning:
How is CSCL used in business settings? I would like to hear about examples of that from the corporate world because most of my experience with collaborative learning has been in formal educational settings.
I would be interested in reading articles about the "barriers in online learning".
Another question that this presentation raised in my mind was the impact of distance upon decorum among learners in an online collaborative environment. Are people less civil because of the distance that is created by the technology?

Australasian Journal of Educationl Technology:
It was interesting to me to hear that Japanese schools do not integrate technology into their
educational systems very often. That surprised me because I kind of associate Japan with
technology (think t. v.'s gaming systems, etc.). Is it cultural values that lead to this
hesitancy to use technology to promote learning?

Journal of Teacher Education:
  • Who reads this journal? Is it just faculty in teacher education departments or do practitioners read it
Journal of Technology
  • Do focused study guides limit the learning that students experience? Do they really study content outside of what they see on the guide?
Religious Educator
  • What does it mean to be an "academic journal"?  
  • Is The Religious Educator "peer reviewed?"
  • Outside of formal religious educators at CES schools, who reads it?
  • It was interesting to hear about CES' "teaching emphasis".  I would be interested to know what brought about that change
Digital Creativity

Performance Improvement Quarterly

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Charles Graham said...

Actually they call it CSCW in the corporate setting - computer supported collaborative work. If you do a google search on it you should find some conferences and journals that address this topic.